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Cabana Grill

Located in WaterMania!, you’ll find delicious loaded fries and cheesy nachos. Served fresh and hot, it’s the perfect southwestern treat. Be sure to add a drink to make it a combo meal.


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Cheeseburger and fries

All American Cafe

This legendary eating establishment has been serving Cliff’s guests for over 30 years! We serve chicken sandwiches, burgers, hotdogs, and chicken strips, and refreshing beverages to cool down. Don’t forget to make it a Combo with fries & a drink!



Dippin' Dots ice cream

Dippin’ Dots

Loved by everyone! Served at 2 locations.

A bucket of popcorn

Kiddyland Café

There’s a lot more than fun going on in Kiddyland – there’s also a great little place serving up some delicious snacks to both kids and adults. Get the fun foods that kids love, like cotton candy, popcorn & fresh squeezed lemonade. Don’t forget to try Dippin’ Dots, you pick your favorite flavor!


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Pizza slice

The Screamin’ Slice

Located by the exit to The New Mexican Rattler, The Screamin’ Slice is the perfect place to tame your hunger. Grab a slice of pizza or a whole pizza, fresh-made and served with your favorite toppings. You’ll also find our tasty Bavarian style pretzels, and variety of Icee flavors.


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An ice cream cone with vanilla and chocolate

Rocky Mountain Munchies

In our Soft Serve Ice Cream Stand, you can enjoy an ice cream cone with vanilla & chocolate twisted to perfection.


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Funnel Cake

Cliff’s Funnel Cake Factory

In our Funnel Cake Factory try a delicious funnel cake with toppings like whipped cream, and even ice cream on top!


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