Families at Cliffs Amusement Park

Groups & Parties

Let Cliff’s Amusement Park host your next party or event

Cliff's makes it simple to entertain groups of all sizes - from 10 to 5000. Whether your a company, sports team, school, church group, or family and friends, we'll do all the work and you have all the fun! Cliff's is the perfect venue for any event!

Groups of 10 or more

New Mexico Rattler Ride at Cliffs Amusement Park

Ride All Day At A Discount!

For end-of-the-season sports celebrations, scout troop, church, family, or group of friends!

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Youth Groups

Family at Cliffs Amusement Park

Visit Cliff's on a weekday and SAVE!

Summer field trip, youth group event, daycare, or a sports team or club events. Reservations needed.

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Spin-O-Rama ride at Cliffs Amusement Park

Cliff's puts the FUN in ‘FUN’draising!

With our ‘FUN’draiser Program, your organization can earn money selling discounted tickets to Cliff’s.

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Company Outings

Family at Cliffs Amusement Park

Give your employees a great gift.

We have many options for Companies to reward their employees

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Plan Your Next Group Outing

Resources to help you plan your next group event.

Family at Cliffs Amusement Park

Put FUN in Your ‘FUN’draising!

Review our 2021 Fun'draiser Program Details and Pricing

Tired of selling the same chocolates, pizza kits, popcorn and wrapping paper year after year? Let the excitement of Cliff ’s Amusement Park work for you.

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