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New Mexico Rattler first hill
A panoramic view of Cliff's

Balloon Wheel


A 20 foot high, low-speed vertical rotational ride with moderate gravitational forces and swinging motion.

Guests on the Big Flush

Big Flush

Family Attractions

Two completely enclosed inner tube slides. Riders go through a series of quick turns, and drops before exiting into a slippery runoff. The green tube is slightly faster and the black tube is dark inside.

Guests on Carousel


Family Attractions

A circular motion ride with horses and benches. The horses go up and down.

The Cliffhanger

Cliff Hanger

Thrill Rides

Riders slowly ascend to the top of a 120 foot tower and then free fall at a high speed. Riders experience very strong gravitational forces.

Guests on the Disco Demolition bumper cars

Demolition Disco

Family Attractions

Drivers bump into each other while traveling one-way in an oval pattern. Riders should expect strong forces and frequent bumps from all directions.

A child about to ride the Doggie-Go-Round



A low-speed, circular motion ride that lifts and lowers.

The Downdraft during the day


Thrill Rides

A high speed circular ride that jumps up and falls down. Riders will feel strong gravitational and centripetal forces.


Drop n Twist


Riders slowly ascend to the top of a 20 foot tower, then suddenly drop down and turn. The up-and-down sequence repeats. Riders feel gravitational and spinning forces.

The falling Star during the day

Falling Star

Family Attractions

A vertical rotational ride with moderate to strong forces.