Mega Water Monkeys

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To Ride with SC*


To Ride Alone


Additional Restrictions

Only one person is allowed to slide at a time.

*Supervising Companion

A Supervising Companion meets the ride criteria to experience the ride and is able to ensure that the child remains properly seated and follows all the rules of the ride.

Ride Experience

A water playground with a variety of slides, water blasters, squirt decks, water wheels, tipping water buckets, and a giant dumping bucket.

Height & Size Requirement

Slides under 8 feet tall have a minimum height requirement of 36" tall. Slides over 8 feet tall have a minimum height requirement of 42" tall.

Physical Requirement

Slider must be able to sit up unsupported. Not recommended for those with: recent surgery or illness; back, neck or bone ailments; heart conditions or high blood pressure; pregnancy; history of seizures.

Wheelchair Access

Direct access to the shallow water around the park. The slides are not wheelchair accessible.