A Big Thank You to Cliff’s Generous Sponsors

Kirtland Air Force BaseKirtland AFB

If you have a Military ID, we think you deserve a super-deal on Cliff’s Splash & Ride Passes. They are available ONLY at the Kirtland Base ticket sales office.



There’s a reason we feature Pepsi here at Cliff’s: it’s because Pepsi has brought you fun and refreshment forover 100 years, and we’ve brought you fun and excitement for over 50 years. What a team! Be sure to visit the Pepsi Pavilion and don’t forget to stop the Pepsi Carts for a cool, sparkly Pepsi! For more information, visit Pepsi.com.

Rail RunnerRailrunner

The Rail Runner is one of Central New Mexico’s major public transit systems connecting passengers by train to destinations from Santa Fe to Belen. For more information, visit NMRailRunner.com

 Slush Puppie   Slush Puppie

So what makes a Slush Puppie a Slush Puppie? The rainbow of bold colors? The crunch of the ice? Those irresistibly juicy flavors? Try one today and decide for yourself. Visit SlushPuppie.com

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