Kiddyland: Big Fun for the Little Tykes

Kiddyland is for little kids who want to feel like the big kids! So we’ve given them their own special place in the park where Moms and Dads can chill out and KIDS RULE! (At least until the ride is over…)

SC = Supervising Companion (over 54″ tall) is a person on a ride or device who is qualified by a reasonable age or other means to understand rider instructions, assist a patron, or child under 48″ in height in complying with rider instructions, and who meets all other criteria for riding.


36″ to 48″ OK with SC

Our newest addition to Kiddyland takes it’s 16 riders on a spinning, looping, and thrilling adventure. The Spin-O-Rama is a crazy figure eight steel coaster that is fun for all ages. Riders sit back to back on spinning cars as they are whipped around the track at an exhilarating pace. What are you waiting for? Hop on and take a spin!

Baja Buggy

Under 36″ OK with SC

No driver’s license? No problem. The Baja Buggy puts the kids behind the wheel of their very own dipping, turning, and bouncing dune buggy. Oh sure, you can hop on too, and watch their faces light up when you get your little ones out of the child seat and into the driver’s seat.

The Balloon Wheel

Under 36″ OK with SC

The Albuquerque Balloon Festival has nothing on Cliff’s! Here you can climb into your own balloon and take off into the sky, letting the breeze and the swaying motion of the Balloon Wheel gently rock you back and forth as you go ’round and ’round. This is the perfect ride for the budding pilot!


Under 36″ OK with SC

The Doggie-Go-Round is one of the most fun additions to Kiddyland. Your little ones will love calling one of these oversized canines their own, riding along behind giant ears and following the dog in front. Lights flash, music plays and children’s eyes get bigger and bigger along with their smiles.

The Frog Hopper

Under 36″ OK with SC

One look at their faces says everything about The Frog Hopper! Kids of every age (but especially the little ones) will be lifted up and up and up a little more, then drop in a hopping motion that thrills them! The larger outer seats will let you enjoy the ride right along with the kids.

Kiddy Bumper Cars

36″ and Over Ok to Ride

It’s time for the kids to get kinda reckless, as they drive around the rink bumping gently into each other and into the walls. Don’t worry though, the kiddy bumper cars move slowly enough that no one gets hurt, but they sure laugh a lot.

Happy Swing

Under 36″ OK with SC

Ok, kids, hop on the biggest swing set you ever saw! When it starts to swing you’ll go back and forth, baaack and foooorth, higher and higher – and nobody’s pushing!!!

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