Summer Groups

We have a special place in our hearts (and on our scary rides) for Scouts, 4-H Club members and other summer recreational groups. That’s why we created special group pricing, to help you have fun in a great, wholesome way!

Summer is even hotter with group events at Cliff's Amusement ParkRequirements are the same for all these groups, so reserve Early! For more information, you may view our 2014 Youth Group Flyer, email, or call 505-881-9373 Ext 102.

Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts (15 or more) Cub Scouts and Brownies are welcome!
May 30 – August 9 (weekdays only)

  • 15 student minimum, must arrive as a group and pay as a group.
  • Reservations are required call 505-881-9373 Ext 102
  • Adult chaperones receive a FREE Walk-Around Pass (Rides, Cliff’s WaterMania! or Splash & Ride Passes
  • extra)
  • No lunches are allowed

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