Partner Program

Motivate, recognize, and reward your employees with our generous partner program discount for Cliff’s Amusement Park. With Cliff’s most popular discount ticket program your employees can enjoy incredible savings and you can provide a “PERK” at NO cost to your company

Looking for ideas for your next office party? Look no further than Cliff's Amusement Park!Your employees can purchase their own tickets online, which means no money or tickets to handle at your office. Cliff’s provides a company code for use with this program. This program allows your employees to purchase tickets at any time, including evenings and weekends. A discount of $5 off our All-Day Ride Pass.

Single All-Day Ride Pass, $19.95 plus tax (regular price $24.95 plus tax).

Take advantage of this great benefit today by contacting our Group Sales Team at or call 505.881.9373 ext. 120.

2013 PartnerProgram

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