FUNdraising is a Cost-Free, Risk-Free, Seriously Fun way for your School or Organization to raise money.

  • Our Cost-Free, Risk-Free approach  makes FUNdraising a great fundraising idea!Sell discounted tickets to all participants, friends and family
  • You organization keeps a portion of each fundraising ticket sold
  • Ask about our Incentives for the Participants and the Fundraiser Coordinator


As another fundraising option
, you could also promote “The Day at Cliff’s.” Organizations and schools that scream together stay together! There is really no better way to bond with one another than by defying gravity on a world class roller coaster.

  • Same benefits as above
  • Choose a day your organization wants to come to the park (Saturdays or Sundays in April or May)

To register or for more info email or call 505.881.9373 ext. 119.

2014 Fundraiser Agreement

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