Cliff’s Amusement Park put the FUN in ‘FUN’draising!

Tired of selling the same chocolates, pizza kits, popcorn and wrapping paper year after year? Let the excitement of Cliff ’s Amusement Park work for you. Cliff ’s tickets sell themselves, this fundraiser is SERIOUSLY easy.Our Cost-Free, Risk-Free approach makes FUNdraising a great fundraising idea! Through our ‘FUN’draiser Program, your organization can earn an unlimited amount of money by selling super-discounted tickets to Cliff ’s Amusement Park. ‘FUN’draiser tickets are good any day of the 2016 season.

If you are looking for In-Kind Ticket Donations, please click here.

To request more information on our ‘FUN’draising opportunities, please complete and submit the form below.

FUNdraising Request Form

You can also request more information by calling 505.881.9373 ext. 119.


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