Fun and Games for All Ages

A Day at Cliff’s is all Fun and Games

The Vault Lazer Maze ChallengeThe Vault Lazer Maze

A real test of balance and agility. Avoid touching the glowing laser beams as you make your way through the tricky maze while friends track your progress and try to beat your score. Cost: $5 per person.

Ring TossCliffs93

This is the game everybody loves ’cause it looks so EASY! Just toss a ring around a bottle. Simple as that.

  • $3.00 for 15 rings or
  • $5.00 for a bucketful
  • Any ring around any bottle wins a large prize!

Frog Fishing

It's all fun and games until you get a prize with Cliff's frog-fishing, which guarantees a winner!

Grab a pole and start fishin’ for the cutest little froggies you’ve ever seen! You can do it! Just keep fishing ’til you catch a frog, so EVERYBODY WINS!

  • $3.00 per play
  • Orange dot wins a small prize.
  • Black dot wins a BIG prize.

Gravity Ball

  • $1 for 1 throw
  • $5 for 6 throws
  • Blue hole wins small prize.
  • Red hole wins large prize
  • No Trade Ups allowed


Test your strength with the Hi-Striker, just part of the family fun and games at Cliff's Amusement Park!

How strong do you think you are? Step right up and test your strength. Even if you only have little muscles, YOU WIN. In fact, EVERYBODY wins!

  • $3.00 for 2 hits
  • Score 100 to win a BIG prize.
  • Score below 100 to win a small prize.


Long Range

Give family fun a shot with Cliff's Long Range Shot! Swish!

It’s time to shoot some hoops. Swish, bank shot, around-the-rim-and-drop-in, and you’ve scored a point! Get ready, take a deep breath and get behind the free-throw line.

  • $3.00 for 1 shot
  • Any shot through the hoop wins a BIG prize


Pop ’em

Do you have superior dart skills? If so, show’em off at Pop’em. Throw a dart and pop a balloon…  It’s just that simple!

  • $5.00 for 5 darts
  • Pop 3 balloons with 5 darts and win a small prize.
  • Pop 5 balloons with 5 darts and win a JUMBO prize.


Those crazy moles are back causing havoc again. Grab a club and give’em a whac!

  • $3 for 1 play
  • Must have 2 players or more to play
  • Player with high score wins small prize
  • 2 small prizes can be traded for a large prize

Water Race

Family fun is off to the races with Water Race, the squirt gun game that is sure to make a splash!

This squirt gun game takes nerves of steel. Or maybe just a good eye. Sight your target, aim and fire!

  • $3.00 Per player.
  • Must have 2 players or more to play
  • Player with high score wins small prize
  • 2 small prizes can be traded for a large prize

Face Painting

Our face painters will make sure that your family has fun and everyone wears a smile!

At Cliff’s its easy to transform into your favorite dinosaur, or a beautiful butterfly, or a web-slinging superhero. Just stop by Face Painting and let your imagination run wild.  Don’t worry the paint comes off with a little soap and water.



*Two large prize limit per player per day on all games.

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